How to Rock an In-Home Photo Shoot

In-home photo sessions are an amazing way to capture what it feels like to be in this season of life. Here are some tips to make the most of your session!

  1. Embrace the mess. I get it. If your life includes little ones, there are probably toys everywhere, stickiness of unknown origins and about 41 unmatched socks under your couch. Surprised at how accurate I was at that? It’s because I’m in that season too. So please be assured when I come to your house, there will be zero judgement. And I promise you, when your kids look at these pictures 10 years from now, they’re not going to be worried about your housekeeping skills. They’re going to love reminiscing about their favorite toys, where they helped you make brownies and where they used to have their wrestling matches. Guys….I’m telling you NOT to clean….what could possibly be better?


2. Let me handle the light. If your house is super dark, no worries! My camera can handle taking pictures in dark areas. And I’ll know which lights to turn on if we need to. If you play the long game with me for a minute, the moments will always, always, always be more important than having instagram worthy sun flares.

3. Be yourselves. Ordinary does not equal boring! No two families are alike and it’s my job to capture what is unique about yours. You’ll want to remember how your toddler made you chase him around the house to get dressed and how your 5 yo insisted on wearing the same unicorn sweatshirt for 5 days in a row. You’ll want to remember that one chair you always nursed her in and how little they used to be in your hands.


I know you’re working your butt off to give your kids the life you want them to have and there is nothing more worth capturing than that. Click below to stay up to date on my latest news and offers as well as get my free download on how to take pictures of your kids using your phone.