How To Plan Activities For An In-Home Photo Shoot | Marietta Family Photographer

If you are used to traditional family photography, you may be a little like a deer in the headlights at the thought of someone coming to your house to take pictures. You may think your days aren’t special enough to deserve professional photos. This couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Before our photo session together, we’ll chat on the phone and spend time discussing what is meaningful to you at this stage in your life. This is where the true value of this type of photo session comes in. No two families will ever be the same when it comes to this.

Here’s a moment between a mother and daughter where they are playing a game they made up together. Priceless!


Ask yourself these questions if you’re having trouble getting started: (I’m including my answers in italics so we can be vulnerable together.)

  1. What do you wish you had a photo of from your own childhood? (Ask your partner too. You may be surprised at their answer!) Very simply, I wish I had a photo of my nuclear family sitting around our kitchen table sharing a meal. For the hundreds of times that we shared meals and conversations in that spot, we don’t have a single photo of it. That house is long sold and we’ll never have the chance to recreate it.

  2. When you were house hunting, what dreams did you have for your family that would happen in that space? The first time we walked into our house, I knew exactly where our Christmas tree would go and pictured our future children coming down the stairs to see it on Christmas morning.

  3. What would you miss the most about your house if you had to move tomorrow? My husband is a woodworker and he built a tower for our son so he could join us at our kitchen island. We love cooking and baking and his tower allows him to join us. I’ve always wanted a kitchen with an island and this spot is my favorite in our house.


4. What is the thing that your kids are doing right now that makes your heart swell? As I’m writing this, my son is almost 3 and takes joy in the best things. This is his excitement at our neighbors putting out pumpkins.


5. Ask your kids what their favorite thing to do is. This may yield some more surprises!

Some other ideas to help guide you are:

  1. Baking or cooking

  2. Reading together

  3. Playing games (board games or made up games)

  4. Playing outside

  5. Kids with their favorite toys

  6. Playing with the family pet (I could write a whole other blog post of the importance of including our pets in family pictures.)

I hope this helps you feel prepared for your in-home family photo session. It’s a chance for your family to hang out and bond and get some beautiful pictures of it. I know you’ve worked hard to create your family environment and that deserves to be captured!