I’m so glad you’re here! You might be wondering how a session with me is different from other family photography. That picture up top is the reason why. When my son was born in 2016, I had grand visions of beautifully lit and styled images up the wazoo. But sleepless nights left my brain incapable of making those images. Once I shifted my focus onto capturing what was really happening, everything fell into place. This is me when our son was 6 weeks old, still wearing maternity clothes, holding him in that weird way that hurt my wrist and wondering if I’d ever be able to do the dishes with 2 hands again. And I freaking love it. I’ll never have those days back and neither will you. I want to give you and your kids images of the life you’ve built in all of its down and dirty detail. Because you love them more than words can ever say and they deserve to have a record of it.