Getting Back in the Swing

I have been a total slacker about updating this blog lately and am committing to give it more regular attention. If I put it out there, I have to do it right?! Here are just a few images of our summer so far. Hoping yours is off to a good start! 

june28 copy.jpg
june30 copy.jpg
june33 copy.jpg
june20 copy.jpg

Around Our Clocks in January

I'm so excited to start a new project this year with a wonderfully talented group of photographers. We are choosing an hour each month and documenting our lives during that time. The twist is to include ourselves in one of the images. Definitely not one of my favorite things to do but important nonetheless. Here's the little guy and I goofing off after lunch! Please continue to the bottom and click the link to the wonderfully talented Heather's work. 

february12 copy.jpg


Please circle around to Heather's work here! 


I recently had the pleasure of taking a photography class through Composition & Creativity with the amazing photographer and instructor Sarah Wilkerson. Here's a share of what I learned!