October 5 on 5

It was a busy month which included our first family trip to the beach which was a blast! I'm happy to say it's starting to feel like autumn around here and am looking forward to more cool days. Scroll to the bottom to follow around our blog circle! PS-- A little bit of baby mischief thrown in here for good measure. 

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september15 copy.jpg
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September 5 on 5

Yikes! I don't know how we are in September already! The weather has cooled here in Atlanta and it is perfect for getting outside and enjoying some fresh air. This past month I've been taking a class on documentary photography at Click Photo School. It has kept me shooting more than ever but I've ended up with some of my favorite images. My first 3 images this month are from class and the last 2 were taken before it started. I had to geek out and include an eclipse one! Please scroll to the bottom to continue around our blog circle!


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August 5 on 5

July has been a busy month where we officially have a crawler and I officially get no rest! Enjoy looking through some snippets of our month and continue to the bottom of the post for the next stop in our blog circle!

july1 copy.jpg

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July 5 on 5

Hi and happy July!! The first four images here are from a Day in the Life I shot for our family. Basically from wake up to bedtime I had my camera with me to capture everything. It was a ton of work but incredibly rewarding and something I hope to continue to do. The last one is for cuteness. :) 

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